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A landscape design can add color, dimension and life to any home/building. It helps create a welcome feeling. Let Procare Property Services take care of a landscape design for your home or business. We have worked with hundreds of homeowners on landscape designs and can tackle anything from a simple update to a complete overhaul. We also help business owners and cities with landscaping.

Residential Services
Award-winning designers, professional installation crews and knowledgeable maintenance crews allow us to provide service you just can’t find anywhere else. Our comprehensive residential landscape services adds beauty and value to homes throughout Chester County.

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Water Features
Swimming Pools
Outdoor Lighting

Commercial Services
Award-Winning Commercial Landscape Design and Landscape

A well-designed commercial landscape speaks volumes about your business. It can attract visitors, customers, and even employees. A great landscape design and construction project by Procare Property Services will add to your property’s value, add value to the community, and all of that adds to the bottom line.

Our award-winning landscape designs are driven by your business’s unique requirements and preferences. Our goal is to enhance your company’s brand, add beauty and value to your property and deliver all of this on time and within your budget.

Commercial Landscape Design
Commercial Landscape Construction
Commercial Landscape Planting
Commercial Paver Walks and Hardscapes

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance
Weekly Cuts
All grass areas are cut and trimmed; all sidewalks, driveways, patios & curbsides are blown clear of debris.

Dethatching your lawn improves its overall health by removing all dead grass, this can be done in spring or fall.

Fall Core Aeration & Overseeding
Aerate and overseed all grass areas to provide proper water, air and nutrient flow to the root zone. Aerating helps reduce thatch accumulation and alleviate soil compaction. Overseeding helps thicken thin and bare areas to your existing turf.

Procare will keep your property looking beautiful. We sharpen our blades every single morning before going out, to give our customers the healthiest best looking lawns we can. We are happy to provide a FREE estimate the same day you call. "Your lawn will be the envy of the town".

Lawn Fertilization

Traditional Lawn Care Program
Our 7 step Traditional Lawn Care Program will have your lawn looking amazing all year. We only use the best grade in fertilizer and it shows. Our 7 step program includes a lime treatment, pre-emergent, broadleaf weed control, fall weed control, subsurface insecticide and a fall fertilization to promote root growth. We also recommend dethatching, aerating and overseeding with this program.
Organic Lawn Care Program
Procare Property Services offers Organic Lawn Care Programs that eliminates the need for chemicals and pesticides without sacrificing the appearance of your lawn. No one can provide a safer lawn care service. No one can provide better personalized service than a local family-owned and operated lawn care business. With our Organic Lawn Care Program you can add in pesticides and insecticides at an additional charge and we recommend aerating and overseeding in the fall for the complete benefit. We’ll work until you are satisfied. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Commercial Snow And Ice Management

Commercial Snow And Ice Management
Commercial Snow Plowing in Pennsylvania requires skill, experience and reliability. The unpredictable and extreme weather of our Nor'easter's can bring businesses and commercial properties to a dead stop. Cold weather increases complications in everyday transportation logistics for even the simplest of tasks. That's where Procare Property Services can help.

We Lookout For Our Customers

At Procare Property Services we keep a lookout for our customers, watching for declining conditions. Our customers rest easy knowing that their lot will be cleared each and every snowy morning. We offer unparalleled commercial, business and residential community snow and ice removal.

Snow Removal Experts Snow & ice are a liability for your business. We have a fleet of snow removal equipment and professionals that are capable of handling all types of winter conditions in order to maintain your business.

We offer our commercial snow removal services to many types of businesses. We will plow the roads as laid out in our contract, remove snow from; sidewalks, driveways, doorways, and parking areas. Deicing and services are provided by layering adequate amounts of salt or calcium to surfaces where ice can accumulated such as sidewalks and pavement. All of these services reduce the risk for an accident and reduce your risk of liability.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing
Procare Property Services offers a full range of pressure washing services to our commercial and residential customers. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer you will be amazed at the restoration effects that power washing will have on your property.

Vinyl Siding
Mold Removal
Algae Removal


Gas Station Pads
Parking Stalls
Store Fronts
Loading Docks


Procare Property services likes to think of our customers like family. We want to build a relationship with our customers and provide services for years to come. If you want punctual, reliable service from a company who cares about their customers satisfaction and a company that takes pride in their work, than you have come to the right place. Our employees are very neat and dressed in Procare Property Service uniforms and when in your home we will be wearing booties to cover our shoes.

Our landscaping staff are experts with the knowledge required for any size project. We are fully insured and bonded.

Natural looking material

Stone-like appearance​
European-style walls​
Easy random pattern​
Outdoor kitchens, fire pits and many more innovative products!

Outdoor lighting / Landscape lighting

Outdoor lighting / Landscape lighting
A thoroughly thought-out lighting design has significant influence over a home’s outdoor security, curb appeal and functionality. Additionally, the new exciting range of low-voltage LED lighting has opened the doors to more easily redesigning the whole energy of an outdoor environment. Nature’s Accents advises each client on how to most effectively add lighting features to both assist in the circulation of the space as well as enhance its overall feel and design. We also understand the importance of energy usage, utilizing LED fixtures, which both eliminate constant maintenance and reduce the home’s carbon footprint.